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16414 Interaction of the Second Binding Region Troponin I with the Regulatory Domain of Skeletal Muscle Troponin C as Determined by NMR Spectroscopy
16415 1H NMR and fluorescence studies of the complexation of DMPG by wheat non-specific lipid transfer protein. Global fold of the complex
16417 An Atomic Resolution Model for Assembly, Architecture, and Function of the Dr Adhesins
16418 Interaction between calcium-free calmodulin and IQ motif of neurogranin studied by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
16420 Protein stablilization by specific binding of guanidinium to a functional arginine-binding surface on an SH3 domain
16421 Solution Structure and Backbone Dynamics of the Trypanosoma cruzi Cysteine Protease Inhibitor Chagasin
16422 Solution structure and dynamics of the N-terminal cytosolic domain of rhomboid intramembrane protease from Pseudomonas aeruginosa: insights into a functional role in intramembrane proteolysis
16423 Solution structure of a neurotrophic ligand bound to FKB12 and its effects on protein dynamics
16453 Intramolecular Dynamics of Low Molecular Weight Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase in Monomer-Dimer Equilibrium Studied by NMR: A Model for Changes in Dynamics upon Target Binding
16454 NMR Solution Structure of Complement-like Repeat CR3 from the Low Density Lipoprotein REceptor-related Protein
16455 Study of the interaction between salivary proline-rich proteins and a polyphenol by 1H-NMR spectroscopy
16456 The layered fold of the TSR domain of P. falciparum TRAP contains a heparin binding site
16457 The Structural Basis for the Ligand Specificity of Family 2 Carbohydrate-binding Modules
16458 NMR-based modeling and binding studies of a ternary complex between chicken liver bile acid binding protein and bile acids
16459 Solution Structure of the Ran-binding Domain 2 of RanBP2 and its Interaction with the C Terminus of Ran
16460 The B(12)-binding subunit of glutamate mutase from Clostridium tetanomorphum traps the nucleotide moiety of coenzyme B(12)
16461 The C-terminal domain of the HIV-1 regulatory protein Vpr adopts an antiparallel dimeric structure in solution via its leucine-zipper-like domain
16462 Ligand-induced changes in dynamics in the RT loop of the C-terminal SH3 domain of Sem-5 indicate cooperative conformational coupling
16751 NMR diffusion and relaxation study of drug-protein interaction
16752 Mapping the Interacting Regions between Troponins T and C
16753 NMR Study on the Structural Changes of Cytochrome P450cam upon the Complex Formation with Putidaredoxin
16754 Physical Interaction between Replication Protein A and Rad51 Promotes Exchange on Single-stranded DNA
16755 Complement assembly of two fragments of the streptococcal protein G B1 domain in aqueous solution
16756 Structure of a regulatory complex involving the Abl SH3 domain, the Crk SH2 domain, and a Crk-derived phosphopeptide
16757 Location and properties of metal-binding sites on the human prion protein
16758 The effect of protein concentration on ion binding
16759 Mapping of the anion binding sites on cytochrome c by differential chemical modification of lysine residues
16760 Fibrinopeptide A binds Gly-Pro-Arg-Pro
16761 Solution structue of the N-domain of Wilson disease protein: Distinct nucleotide-binding environment and effects of disease mutations
16762 Mapping the Ca2+-dependent binding of an invertebrate homolog of protein phosphatase 4 regulatory subunit 2 of the small EF-hand protein, calsensin
16763 Identification of a novel ubiquitin binding site of STAM1 VHS domain by NMR spectroscopy
17052 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Structural and Ligand Binding Studies of BLBC, a Two-Domain Fragment of Barley Lectin
17053 An NMR-based docking model for the physiological transient complex between cytochrome f and cytochrome c6.
17054 Determination of the modified 'affinity index' of small ligands and macromolecular receptors from NMR spin-lattice relaxation data
17055 Binding Site Structure of One LRP-RAP Complex: Implications for a Common Ligand-Receptor Binding Motif
17056 Four-alpha-Helix Bundle with Designed Anesthetic Binding Pockets. Part II: Halothane Effects on Structure and Dynamics
17057 Interaction of fatty acid with myoglobin
17058 The structure of Ce(III)-Angiotensin II complex as obtained from NMR and molecular dynamics calculations
17059 Identification of a novel ubiquitin binding site of STAM1 VHS domain by NMR spectroscopy
17060 Replication protein A 32 interacts through a similar binding interface with TIPIN, XPA, and UNG2.
17061 The effects of CapZ peptide (TRTK-12) binding to S100B-Ca2+ as examined by NMR and X-ray crystallography.
17093 Structure and dynamics of a molten globular enzyme
17094 NMR and molecular modeling studies of the interaction of berenil and pentamidine with d(CGCAAATTTGCG)2
17095 Identification by NMR of the Binding Surface for the Histidine-Containing Phosphocarrier Protein HPr on the N-Terminal Domain of Enzyme I of the Escherichia coli Phosphotransferase System
17096 Stopped-flow NMR spectroscopy: Real-time unfolding studies of 6-19F-tryptophan-labeled Escherichia coli dihydrofolate reductase
17097 Electrochemical and NMR spectroscopic studies of distal pocket mutants of nitrophorin 2: Stability, structure, and dynamics of acial ligand complexes
17098 Cofactor fingerprinting with STD NMR to characterize proteins of unknown function: identification of a rare cCMP cofactor preference
17099 1H NMR Studies of the Binding of EDTA to Bovine Pancreatic Ribonuclease
17100 Backbone Dynamics of the C-terminal SH2 Domain of the p85alpha Subunit of Phosphoinositide 3-Kinase: Effect of Slow Conformational Exchange Processes
17101 1H NMR study of the interaction of N,N',N''-triacetyl chitotriose with Ac-AMP2, a sugar binding antimicrobial protein isolated from Amaranthus caudatus
17102 NMR measurement of the off rate from the first calcium-binding site of the synaptotagmin I C2A domain
17114 Binding Kinetics of Histone Chaperone Chz1 and Variant Histone H2A.Z-H2B by Relaxation Dispersion NMR Spectroscopy
17115 Effects of Domain Dissection on the Folding and Stability of the 43 kDa Protein PGK Probed by NMR
17116 1H NMR studies of pyridine binding to metmyoglobin
17118 Conformation of Pseudoazurin in the 152 kDa Electron Transfer Complex with Nitrite Reductase Determined by Paramagnetic NMR
17119 Defining the Intramembrane Binding Mechanism of Sarcolipin to Calcium ATPase USing Solution NMR Spectroscopy
17120 Binding of 1-methylimidazole to cytochrome c: kinetic analysis and resonance assignments by two-dimensional NMR
17121 Folding Kinetics of the SH3 Domain of PI3 Kinase by Real-time NMR Combined with Optical Spectroscopy
17122 Solution-state NMR Investigations of Triosephosphate Isomerase Active Site Loop Motion: Ligand Release in Relation to Active Site Loop Dynamics
17123 Comparison of the Structural and Dynamical Properties of Holo and Apo Bovine alpha-Lactalbumin by NMR Spectroscopy
17179 NMR Studies of the Backbone Flexibility and Structure of Human Growh Hormone: A Comparison of High and Low pH Conformations
17180 The influence of dietary habits and pathological conditions on the binding of theophylline to serum albumin
17181 NMR Snapshots of a Fluctuating Protein Structure: Ubiquitin at 30 bar-3 kbar
17182 Weak Substrate Binding to Transport Proteins Studied by NMR
17183 Solid-state 31P NMR Spectroscopy of Microcrystals of the Ras Protein and its Effector Loop Mutants: Comparison Between Crystalline and Solution State
17184 Lactose Binding to Galectin-1 Modulates Structural Dynamics, Increases Conformational Entropy, and Occurs with Apparent Negative Cooperativity
17185 Determination of the Binding Specificity of an Integral Membrane Protein by Saturation Transfer Difference NMR: RGD Peptide Ligands Binding to Integrin alphaIIbBeta3
17186 NMR Reveals Anamalous Copper(II) Binding to the Amyloid ABeta Peptide of Alzheimer's Disease
17187 Elucidation of the poly-L-proline binding site in Acanthamoeba profilin I by NMR spectroscopy
17215 13C NMR Spectroscopic and X-ray Crystallographic Study of the Role Played by Mitochondrial Cytochrome b5 Heme Propionates in the Electrostatic Binding to Cytochrome c
17216 How the HIV-1 Nucleocapsid Protein Binds and Destabilises the (-)Primer Binding Site During Reverse Transcription
17217 Solution Structure of the C-terminal Dimerization Domain of SARS Coronavirus Nucleocapsid Protein Solved by the SAIL-NMR Method
17218 Enzyme Dynamics During Catalysis
17219 Structural Insights into the Monosaccharide Specificity of Escherichia coli Rhamnose Mutarotase
17220 Energetics by NMR: Site-specific binding in a positively cooperative system
17221 Basic Requirements for a metal-binding site in a protein: The influence of loop shortening on the cupredoxin azurin
17222 lac repressor-lac operator interaction: NMR observations
17223 Measurement of bond vector orientations in invisible excited states of proteins
17224 TROSY-NMR reveals interaction between ERp57 and the tip of the calreticulin P-domain
17225 The Solution Structure and DNA-binding Properties of the Cold-shock Domain of the Human Y-box Protein YB-1