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BMRB Entry 6651

Title: 1H Chemical Shift Assignments for fragments of Sticholysin protein   PubMed: 16170802

Deposition date: 2005-05-31 Original release date: 2007-09-26

Authors: Oliveira, Aline; Cilli, Eduardo; Alvarez, Carlos; Spisni, Alberto; Pertinhez, Thelma

Citation: Casallanovo, Fabio; Oliveira, Felipe; Souza, Fernando; Ros, Uris; Martinez, Yohanka; Penton, David; Tejuca, Mayra; Martinez, Diana; Pazos, Fabiola; Pertinhez, Thelma; Spisni, Alberto; Cilli, Eduardo; Lanio, Maria; Alvarez, Carlos; Schreier, Shirley. "Model peptides mimic the structure and function of the N-terminus of the pore-forming toxin sticholysin II"  Biopolymers 84, 169-180 (2006).

Assembly members:
St II (16-35) - synthetic fragment encompassing residues 1 to 30 of Sticholysin protein, polymer, 20 residues, 2166.6 Da.

Natural source:   Common Name: Stichodactyla helianthus   Taxonomy ID: 6123   Superkingdom: Eukaryota   Kingdom: Metazoa   Genus/species: Stichodactyla helianthus

Experimental source:   Production method: chemical synthesis

Entity Sequences (FASTA):
St II (16-35) - synthetic fragment encompassing residues 1 to 30 of Sticholysin protein: VLDKVLEELGKVSRKIAVGI

Data sets:
Data typeCount
1H chemical shifts143

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Entity Assembly IDEntity NameEntity ID
1St II fragments1


Entity 1, St II fragments 20 residues - 2166.6 Da.



sample_1: St II (16-35) 1 mM; SDS 100 mM

SDS: pH: 4.0; temperature: 293 K


NameSampleSample stateSample conditions
1H-TOCSYsample_1not availableSDS
1H-NOESYsample_1not availableSDS
1H-GMQCOSYsample_1not availableSDS


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NMR spectrometers:

  • Varian INOVA 500 MHz

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