Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank

A Repository for Data from NMR Spectroscopy on Proteins, Peptides, Nucleic Acids, and other Biomolecules
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Programmers' Corner

BMRB and the NMR community have developed and made available a collection of software code for manipulating NMR data files, data and developing NMR experiments. The code is provided "as is" and is without warranty of any kind.

BMRB programming libraries and tools

A collection of software for manipulating NMR-STAR data files:

PyNMRSTAR is an object-oriented Python interface to NMR-STAR files. It makes reading from, modifying, validating, and comparing NMR-STAR files easy. Documentation is provided on the GitHub page.

SAS: Simple API for STAR. SAS is modelled after "Simple API for XML".

The following tools are no longer actively maintained:

pystarlib is another Python interface to NMR-STAR and mmCIF files.