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NMR Spectroscopists' Corner

Data deposition systems page

  • procedure for depositing software and macros at BMRB,
  • format conversion tools,
  • validation tools and services,
  • and more.

Standards page

  • IUPAC recommendations,
  • experimentally defined standards,
  • atom nomenclature,
  • chemical shift reference info,
  • data formats.
Data processing software and macros NMR experiment parameters:

calc - calculate NMR pulse lengths

Spectral processing:

NMR software macros for FELIX

drx2pipe - creates conversion file for Bruker Avance data to NMRPipe format

Spectral analysis:

CONTRAST - sample input spectrum and sequence files

Structure calculation: - tabulate sizes and frequencies of constraint violations in X-PLOR

xplor_to_iupac - X-PLOR to IUPAC proton nomenclature conversion


Excel - indirect referencing of 13C/15N from 1H reference compound

NMR experiments and pulse programs

Ad Bax Group Pulse Sequence Library

BMRB Library of NMR Pulse Sequences

GFT NMR Package - G-matrix Fourier Transform Package

Lewis Kay Lab Pulse Sequence Request Form

NESG Wiki - for sharing experimental protocols as well as training and educational materials

NMR Pulse Programs from BMRB Time Domain Data Sets

Software and Pulse Sequences hosted by NMRFAM

NMR Pulse Sequence Library of Carlsberg Laboratory

Eric Zuiderweg Group University of Michigan

Source References

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Users of data processing macros available from BMRB software library employ them at their own risk. Individuals or affiliated organizations who provide software macros for distribution from this library are not legally or otherwise liable, responsible, or accountable for physical damage or any other damage incurred by those who use a program macro taken from this library. Neither BioMagResBank nor the University of Wisconsin are liable for any physical or other damage incurred during the use of a program macro or other information obtained from this library.