Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank

A Repository for Data from NMR Spectroscopy on Proteins, Peptides, Nucleic Acids, and other Biomolecules
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Tag category Entity_db_link

Key tags (columns):

Tags in table Entity_db_link:

TagDescriptiondata typeMandatory
Accession_codeAccession code for the entry in the database.lineyes
Author_suppliedA code indicating that the link to a related database was provided by an author (yes) or obtained through another method (no).yes_no 
Chimera_segment_IDCode indicating if the listed database link is specific to the fragment of the entity described by the tag '_Entity.Fragment'.int 
Database_codeCode assigned to a database.lineyes
Entity_IDPointer to '_Entity.ID'intyes
Entry_detailsText providing additional information about the matching entry.text 
Entry_experimental_methodFor structural databases the method used to determine the structure.line 
Entry_IDPointer to '_Entry.ID'codeyes
Entry_mol_codeCode assigned by the database to the molecule in the database entry.line 
Entry_mol_nameName of the molecular entity in the database entry.line 
Entry_relation_typeA brief description of how the database entry is related to the molecular entity.line 
Entry_structure_resolutionA value taken from the database that is a measure of the quality of the structure.float 
OrdinalAn integer value used to maintain the order of the rows in the entity DB loop when reading and writing NMR-STAR 
Seq_align_beginThe sequence position in the database sequence at which the alignment with the sequence of the biopolymer studied begins.code 
Seq_align_endThe sequence position in the database sequence at which the alignment with the sequence of the biopolymer studied.code 
Seq_alignment_detailsText describing the alignment between the matched polymer sequences.text 
Seq_difference_detailsText describing the differences in the sequences for the matched polymers.text 
Seq_homology_expectation_valThe BLAST expectation value for the homology between the retrieved polymer and the molecular entity.float 
Seq_identityNumber of residues in the retrieved sequence that have identical positions in the molecular entity determined by a homology alignment method.float 
Seq_positiveNumber of residues in the retrieved sequence where the corresponding residue in the molecular entity sequence has similar physical characteristics (hydrophobicity charge etc.)float 
Seq_query_to_submitted_percentIn percent the ratio of the length of retrieve sequence to the length of the sequence of the molecular entity. This value can be used to determine if the retrieved sequence is a subset or superset of the molecular entity.float 
Seq_subject_lengthLength of the polymer sequence retrieve from the 
Sf_IDPointer to '_Entity.Sf_ID'intyes